Museum Forte Olimpio

The museum Forte Olimpio is located in an of its kind outstanding and at that time important fortress system. The building was finalized more than 100 years ago and its aim was to protect the Swiss territory. At the very beginning the fortress was named "Blockhaus Unten". 1980 it was renamed into "Forte Olimpio".

The small infantry fortress dating back to the time before world war 1 belongs to the "Fondazione Bolle di Magadino". It was an important part of our history when at that time it came to protect and to defend the sovereignty of our country from possible attacks either via lake, railway or road. For strategic reasons it had been built within todays integral nature reserve called "Bolle di Magadino". The museum was founded by the Associazione Fortificazioni Gambarogno.

They assume responsibility for administration and preservation. Inside the museum you will find an exhibition showing parts of the military history of the Gambarogno region from the 19th to the 20th century such as arms, munitions, clothing and personal effects.